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Welcome to the Akillian Warmblood Association

Akillian Warmblood Association
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The breed that can do it all. The Akillian Warmblood is a very versatile breed that can excel in just about any discipline, with Eventing being their main strong point. Ranging from the fresh wilds to the domesticated, these horses are not short on personality and it's said there is an Akillian for everyone. So whether you're looking for a challenge and a feisty spirit, or one that's collected and ready to work, AWA will welcome all past, current, and future Akillian owners and help you be placed with the right one just for you!

Akillian Color Chart:

  • Bay, Chestnut, Black - common
  • Cream-Gene; Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, etc. - uncommon to rare
  • Dun-Gene; Dunskin, Grullo, Apricot Dun, Etc. - uncommon
  • Roan-Gene; Strawberry Roan, Chestnut Roan, Palomino Roan etc. - common to uncommon
  • *Silver-Gene and Rabicano - extremely rare!

*Only known Silver and Rabicano horses are currently only by Chronicles of a Hero

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Breed creation © SilmesDragonStable
Breed ownership © BlackGlassButterfly

As the winter wears on, the island of Akillian was beginning to become crowded with wild horses as SDS handed over the rights to CoaH. On a recent return to the island the CoaH staff had discovered a large number of these durable horses and called for a round up to cull the numbers and keep an even balance on the island. There will be a small number of Akillians offered to each stable due to cold and dangerous conditions.

Welcome to the 2011 Winter Import. Please continue reading if you wish to own your own Akillian or add a couple more to your herd.


Below you will find the guidelines on obtaining your new Akillian from the winter import. Please read them carefully to ensure a proper import.

  • You MUST draw or write some type of import letter to the Chronicles. Any type of picture is fine; drawing of the actual letter, to a staff member writing something, or anything you can think of.
  • Please note the group with your import letter and you will be added to the import list and provided your horse after the round up.
  • You may request for one or for a pair. The max for this import is TWO.
  • You may choose any combination of genders.
  • You may request for specific colors and markings, but be aware your results may vary depending on availability.
  • You may enter in a ‘gamble’ for a rare silver-gene or rabicano. Only one available. Please read below for more information.
  • Anyone with an active stable may participate.
  • You must register your Akillian once you have created its reference.
  • We suggest you take a look around the group before deciding if an Akillian is a right choice for you.

What to have in your import letter:

Name of your stable.
Number of desired horses. (TWO max)
Gender(s) of desired horse(s).
Color(s) of desired horse(s).
*Markings of desired horse(s).
PLEASE NOTE: to keep some realism in this import, you may or may not get all of your desired markings, as these horses are wild are there is no guarantee we will find your exact request. Remember that wild Akillians do not have a lot of white markings.
Brief story or explanation of why you want an Akillian and/or what your plans are for its future.

Akillian Color Chart:
  • Bay, Chestnut, Black - common
  • Cream-Gene; Palomino, Buckskin, Cremello, etc. - uncommon - rare
  • Dun-Gene; Dunskin, Grullo, Apricot Dun, Etc. - uncommon
  • Roan-Gene; Strawberry Roan, Chestnut Roan, Palomino Roan etc. - common – uncommon
  • *Silver-Gene and Rabicano - extremely rare!

*Silver-Gene and Rabicano Gamble:
Only one silver-gene or rabicano Akillian will be available from this import. There are only two known silver-gene Akillian Warmbloods, both owned by Chronicles of a Hero.
If you request for a silver-gene or rabicano Akillian, your name will go into a random number generator. If you do not win you will be given another horse of the Chronicle’s choosing in place of that request.
So please think wisely before gambling your options.


Please keep these notes in mind while requesting and creating your new Akillian. You will be asked to fix or redraw your Akillian if these breed standards are not met.

  • Please remember that Akillian Warmbloods have spots on their shoulders that usually match the color of their mane and tail.
  • Please remember that Akillian Warmbloods have light to medium feathering on their hocks.
  • Please remember that Akillian Warmbloods do not heavily resemble an Arabian, though a lightly dished head and high tail carriage are within the breed standards.
  • There is no deadline to draw your official reference, but you MUST register and be in compliance with the group before your horse is recognized as a true Akillian.
  • Unregistered horses can not participate in shows, breedings, or in the credit system.
  • It’s suggested to give a variety of colors in your request as some colors are rare and might be unavailable for import.
  • If you no longer desire to keep your Akillian or are not happy with the results of the round up, please return them to the group and feel free to try again next import.


Import Letters Accepted Through: December 27th, 2011 thru February 3rd, 2011                                                  
Akillian Round Up: February 4th, 2011
Akillians Presented On: February 5th, 2011


Stable: LWs
Import Letter:…

Stable: Arctic Night Stables
Import Letter: optimus-prime-girl.deviantart.…

Revised 12/27/2011
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Spudalyn Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, nearly a year after my original comment, I've finally come back again to see what's goin' on with the breed...
I have three Akillians:…… and…

The thing is, I'm not sure of the status of any of them. When SDS shut down, she declared my two starters dead because I hadn't updated their refs yet (it was a crazy series of events) and Kiki's a bloodliner from two of SDS's old horses... Also, none of them have ID numbers since they were bought/bred before the id numbers came into play
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Are you still looking to register these guys? I'll assign them ID numbers so they can be official. =)
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Please! I'd love to register them!
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Is the breed completely dead?
BlackGlassButterfly Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No. The breed is still active. Process is slow, but if you have some or interest in any let me know.
Spudalyn Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll let you know once things settle a bit!
WhiteChocolateHippo Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
Just wanted to let you know I moved to ~adoettei and if you could change who owns her to that account because I'll be over there now. My Akillian is [link] number BV001
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I can only switch you name when the ref is uploaded on that account. otherwise it has no use ...
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Dumb question, I know, but where exactly would I put foal refs? I have three who have refs though I just need to upload them, and I don't see a foal ref category, so...
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if there is no category you submit it to allround.
if you checlk the gallery you will see that the foals are in that folder
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